Ring C-UxS Next Generation Counter Unmanned Systems

Ring Operational & Combat-Proven in Battle.

Ring-3 employs low-powered, smart GNSS manipulation (spoofing) to take control of enemy uncrewed systems.

Ring-4 (short Range) & Ring 5 (Medium Range) add smart FPV Datalink jamming and internal RF detection, making it a full “detect and defeat” solution.

Ring  Boom-Box extends the range of Ring-3 & Ring-5, turning them into a strategic toll with ranges of over 50 Km.

Ring is an effective, simple and flexible soft-kill C-UxS solution – affordable, compact, faster to deploy & easier to operate.

Ring is TRL-9, proven in combat against air, ground and naval threats, on various platforms – tactical and strategic.

Ring deploys anywhere, integrates with anything, stops everything – from single commercial drones to swarms of fixed wing “dark drones”.

A cybersecurity software solution to protect against GNSS spoofing & jamming attacks

GNSS Spoofing and Jamming attacks pose an ongoing threat to satellite-based navigation and timing across multiple industries.
Hundreds of thousands of incidents are reported every year.

Pyramid DT is a simple software-only library, receiver-agnostic, simple-to-integrate solution that detects and alerts against all smart spoofing & jamming attacks.

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Pyramid GNSS

Ring Effector Deployment

Ring Directional Narrow

Strategic solutionLong range, advanced takeover

Ring Directional Wide

Directional Medium RangeSuperior solution for border protection

Ring Omni

Tactical SolutionTactical force and point protection

About Regulus

Regulus Cyber is a leading expert in software-based GPS/GNSS security with two product lines - Ring C-UxS - providing groundbreaking C-UxS capabilities against uncrewed Systems, and Pyramid GNSS - protecting against GNSS spoofing & jamming attacks

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