Ring C-UxS

Ring The Basics

Fully Operational & Combat Proven, Ring uses proprietary GNSS and Datalink manipulation to defeat commercial and military threats.

​Ring employs GNSS based, low-powered smart RF transmission – to effectively take control of enemy uncrewed threats, attacking from the air, ground, or sea – and manipulate them without interfering with other communications.

Ring is more effective than other C-UxS soft-kill solutions – affordable, compact, faster to deploy & easier to operate. With the simple and effective Ring 3 GNSS spoofer, the full “detect & defeat” Ring 4 and Ring 5 – including internal RF detection, threat classification and added smart Datalink jamming against FPV and non-GNSS threats, and the strategic Ring Boom-Box amplifier – Ring answers both tactical and strategic needs.

Ring is TRL-9, designed for and proven extensively in real combat. Ring is already operationally deployed on various platforms and locations – and has proven to be a vital tool in the fight against uncrewed threats from commercial group 1 to military group 3.

Ring Advantages

More effective

Than any other C-UxS soft-kill solution on the market

Compact and easy to operate

Easy to install, super easy operation

Uniquely exploiting

GNSS and Datalink vulnerabilities to eliminate threats

TRL-9, fully operational & combat-proven

Against real-world threats

Universal capability out of the box

Against single threats or swarms

Stops group 1 to 3 threats

From entering the protected zone

Stationary or on-the-move deployment

Single Ring or multiple interconnected

24/7 blind operation or fully automatic

Manual triggering or triggered by detection

About Ring

Multi Purpose

Ring Tactical &
Strategic Solutions

Ring 3 - GNSS Spoofing Effector

  • The Ring effector, no internal detection capability.
  • Easily integrated with external detection solutions.
  • Excellent for OEM integration as part of a larger system.
  • Available as stand-alone or as part of a C-UxS suite.
  • Manual or automatic triggering, on any platform and location.
  • Stationary or on the move, land based or maritime.
  • Spoofing – up to 2Km range omni, 4Km directional.
  • Combat proven and widely deployed.

Ring 4 - Short Range Protection

  • Same enclosure as ring 3 – same size and dimensions.
  • Same ranges for GNSS spoofing.
  • Added cutting-edge internal omni RF detection and classification, up to 1.5Km.
  • Smart Datalink jamming against non-GNSS threats.
  • Eliminates FPV and loitering threats, up to 125M.
  • “Detect and defeat” tactical solution for troop, point and vehicle protection.
  • Up to 2 ISM bands at a time

Ring 5 - Medium Range Protection

  • Compact design, almost the same foot-print as Ring 3.
  • Extended ranges for GNSS spoofing, 8Km Omni, 16Km directional.
  • Extended ranges for FPV jamming – up to 500M.
  • Up to 4 ISM bands at a time.

Ring Pack

  • A miniaturized wearable Ring 4.
  • 2Kg weight, internal RF detection, and FPV jamming.
  • Coming 2025.

Ring Boom-Box

  • For strategic C-UxS needs, add the Ring “Boom-Box”.
  • External plug-in amplifying box to Ring 3, 4 and 5.
  • Unparalleled tactical long Ranges.
  • Up to 30Km omni, 60Km directional GNSS spoofing.
  • Up to 2Km FPV jamming.

Integrated or networked C2

Ring comes with its own C2 interface for both Ring and external integrated systems, or use our JSON based API to integrate any existing C2 system.

The control suite provides a complete set of options for Anti-UxS capabilities including Control, Hold, push back, divert and NFZ (No Flight Zone) modes.

​Operator can choose the action required manually or pre-define an automated response based on the threat analysis.

Full soft-kill solution

Either a stand-alone tactical effector and detector, or combined with advanced detection solution, or part of a full C-UAS suite.

Simple integration, add to any other C-UAS components.

​With an added detection capability, either internal in Ring 5 or externally integrated, Ring can be triggered automatically on demand once a threat is detected, until it is eliminated.

Ring Effector Deployment

Ring Directional Narrow

Strategic solutionLong range, advanced takeover

Ring Directional Wide

Directional Medium RangeSuperior solution for border protection

Ring Omni

Tactical SolutionTactical force and point protection


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